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About Commundo

What is Commundo?

Commundo is a Dutch-based non-profit organisation that tries to bridge the gap between developing and so called developed countries. We do this by offering individuals, students and groups the possibility to volunteer for a NGO. To get a better understanding the participants work and stay as much as possible at the homes of the local people. 

We offer people a unique opportunity to make a contribution to a worthwhile community project combined with adventurous travel and significant personal development. We believe that we can help to make the world a better place with our programmes in which people get involved in other cultures and acquire a better (mutual) understanding of other worlds. We started in Guatemala with our first trips in 2003. Right now we have partners in 11 different countries.

What does Commundo do?

Commundo inspires ordinary people from all backgrounds to participate in a challenging experience. We offer international voluntary work to individuals and groups and internships to students and leadership programmes for professionals.

We offer individual volunteer work for people of all ages and all backgrounds. The programmes start from 2 weeks, but most projects ask the volunteer to stay at least 4 weeks, but of course you can stay longer if you want to! We do the matchmaking with the project and prepare the volunteers. We also organise facilities such as airport pick up, homestays etc. If you would like us to, we can also arrange Spanish classes in the Latin American countries. The price of these trips is around 800 euro included transport, stay, coordination and donation for the first month, but excluding flightcosts.

Commundo also gives students the opportunity to do an internship abroad in one of the projects. Internships are available for social studies, as well as nature studies, medical studies and studies in tourism. The prices and possibilities for internships are the same as for individual volunteer work, but will also include a supervisor. Do contact us for a discussion if you are seeking something more tailor made. 

Contact info

Our programmes are open to people from all countries, as long as you speak at least English or a local language. Most people at our project do not speak Dutch, but do speak English. Local people do often only speak the local language. Many of our projects do also host volunteers from different countries. 95 % of our customers is Dutch and 5% is from Belgium.
If you have a question? or if you know interesting projects or wish to cooperate? please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact information:
By Mail : 
Address:                     Windsteeg 4, 3811 CS Amersfoort Ther Netherlands
Telephone:    0031-6-20000836
Contact person :   Yolande van Wijk